today i saw this cute cop and my first thought was “damn i would tap that ass so bad” and then he laughed and came closer to me and i thought i did something bad and i couldn’t think what was it and when he started talking i took off my headphones and he said “that was quite a compliment young lady” and in that moment i realizED I SAY THAT OUT LOUD AND FUCK MY LIFE AND WHY MUST I HAVE A MOUTH WITH NO FILTER

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LALAL ended up waking up early at like almost 10 and went to the living room. trying to get photos and stuff man. DAMMIT WHEN I FINALLY UPLOADED ENOUGH I COULDN’T GET THE FREE 16 X 20 WELL THERE GOES THE PRADA MARFA SIGN DAMMIT:( I WANTED THAT I WAS GONNA USE BLACK GLITTER ON IT. oh well i guess i’ll wait for next time then

Anyways was texting a shit ton fo people this morning. Especially Tina since we were trying to figure out what we weree gonna do. Kai siad most likely he couldn’t come and then Tina said theres no way in hell we are cancelling lol and Danna was saying how she was cutting her hair and stuff and so we asked if she was free and kaitlin was waiting on us and jon kinda was too since he was suppose to eat with jacob and stuff. yeah. I was still doing photos and all that shit. Kinda ate a sandich at 10 and stuf. Tina ended up coming at 2:40 she even said 2:40 and she texted me on time omfg haha dang. I kept chanign shirts and shorts idk why i really should clear the other half of the closet so i know what to pair and all that. Need to get y outfits and shit together. Then Danna came like 20 minutes later and Tina and I were looking where to go and stuff. and we were def leaning towards Portos. OOH NEVER HAD IT. Then Jon said jacob was with him so he eneded up picking us up and then we went to get kaitlin and drove to glendale to go to Porto’s. YESSSS> OMFG I DIDN”T KNOW THIS PLACE WAS SO CHEAP. SO MANY DESSERTS I DIED OMFG OMFG. If it wasn’t so far i would come more omfg yes. 

Ended up getting 3 potato balls and 2 eclairs and 2 croissants. OM NOM NOM so happy got some good photos hell yeah. Ate the 3 potato balls and then ate a croissatn and took the rest home. Went to put the food away first in the car since half of us had boxes and stuff and walked to the Americana. OOOH PRETTY. this is like a good shopping or for funsies place. Ill come shop next time lol. Walked around and stuff and DUDE i really like the fountatin its huge and the water is super mesmerizing and we were looking at urban outfitters and h&m and sutff yay. I need a swimsuit top man. like 2-3 since ima start going to the beach and shit soon. yeah. So took photos and shit and went to bathroom in barnes and noble and then took a quick photo of the chandelier hehe i likey, and yeah. Then chilled a bit by the water and then walked back to the car and left. Jacob kept calling us nerd today-__- wtf man s o rude haha. But yeha traffic then went back and then i went in the house and put my stuff in the fridge and then changed my shirt real quick and went with the girls to Guppies, MAN WE WERE THIRSTY FOR FRUITY DRINKS. And we got drinks and like the girl gave Danna her drinks….THERE WERE NO LIDS WUT. And they were like we ran out of lids awkward LOL. They could’ve just put lids on them then given them to us instead of doing it after LULZ. Then drove back to the house and stuff. Watched tv and ate my ecalir OM NOM NOM this and my strawberry smoothie so good rn man. me likey


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Well woke up at like 9 something this moring and was watching tv and shit and finishing up on oasap orders haha and got ready and stuff and adding more to free print orders woo! then went to school at like 11:40 and ended up parking in k lot since $1 1 hour area was full-_- lameees. so yeah. did that. Orientation today wasn’t too bad! but there was still kinda lack of people. I think its the area we choose lol we got thissss. and we had cupcakes OM NOM NOM since johnny brought more and stuff. a lot of us today tho hehee. Didn’t do anything for once after just went home. Pretty relaxing GOTTA DO MORE PHOTOS. And had salad while i was doing this stuff yeah. 

La hopefully tomorrow! Plannig out where to go and stuff with tina and shit

LALAL. Woke up at 6 and couldn’t sleep. but ended up falling back asleep and waking up at 10 something hahaha. NO WIFI UGH WTF. Ended up making lunch, salad and fried fish and then was watching videos on my phone instead cuz yeah only thing i can do. Went to target to get hair dye since i want to dye my hair this week or somehting and yeah. killed like 30-40 minutes then came back and more vides…

Interenet ended up coming back yay! shopping man since i watched hauls and shit majority of the day. lalalala. sales on sales on sales. 


shout out to people who help me with really simple things because I’m an idiot

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THIS LAZY DAY THOO. yeah ended up staying home even tho sequoia called me at like 12:30 telling me to come out man she sounded drunk as fuck hahaha was texting jordan and jon adn it was fucking hilarious omg. this girl. But yeah slept in until 11 and then was on computer most of the day. UGH I WANT A BASEBALL JERSEY TOP SO BAD BASICALLY JERSEY TEES LIKE OMG DUDE I WANT GIMME. 

Then went to costco with the mother and like yeah. Came back and was finding pictures and shit….settled for a lilly pulitzer wallpaper LOL i want to see howit is first then order another prob or somehting liek that i shall see. MORE PHOTOS MAN I NEED MOREEEEE. i like getting freeprint like god bless man. 

time to order other stuff soon tho like art supplies and some more shirts and hair dye shit yeah


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