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Oh today will be a somewhat busy day:O

pick up dalena, bsc, class w tina, bookstore, buying books w ate, steven, walking ot my car, wlaking to bsc, chilling, talking to sandy jacob and jason, lab class, lost, found it, intro, changing seats, meeting ariel doing lab stuff, bsc, waiting, danielle buying books from me, dalena and kim and i staples, michales, in n out, house, eating, baking w stacy, smells good, waiting, talking chatting, doing homework, not really, video shit, crumbling, mixing w frosting, rolling to balls, leave, home

YAY LAZY DAY MAN. Didn’t really do much gotta work on the video today and shit and woke up at like 7ish and so many text messages LOL. fucking everyone texted me at 4ish asking when i left. guys r u f’real-_- and Amanda snet me a text at 5:30 saying she finanly got home. omg so late but at leeast shes safe and she thanked me for actually havin her back adn looking out for her since she the 2 messages i posted on the chat telling the rest of them who were at the party to try and get her home. Boots had tried but he left early too like me….sooo…yeah-_- oh well. least we tried…yeah hahaha. but yeah man.Then went back to knocking out for between 8 and 10 for like 6 times. I had an alarm like every 15 minutes and shit omg hahaha. i would dammit. 

Was watching some american dad and worked on the video. i honestly hpe people like the video im so scared. Like i feel like i can do better……sigh what did i do dammit man. but yeah. ok busy day the next 3 days and stuff. more first days haha. ok time to do this shit. ayeee. 


If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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There’s a hole in my lawn and evidently Welly just discovered it’s perfectly dog shaped


do you ever look at yourself and think ‘aw cute’ but then walk two feet into a different lighting and think ‘omg nvm’

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I DON’T GOTS CLASS TILL 12. So woke up at like 9 something and was getting ready and shit and got food from my ma and was full at least and didn’t leave the house till like 10:40ish so rpetty good. Got to school in 10 minutes BUT WHY THE FUCK ARE THERE SO MANY CARS HERE ALREADY IT’S A FRIDAY WHY R U ALL HERE ON A FRIDAY????? Then walked to the BSC to chill a little till Tina was out and sat with Diana and yeah. Went to go meet up with Tina by the APi and then we walked to the library together since that’s where our class was. Was texting Steven the whole time ha cuz he was bored and Ryan was asking if we were gonna come over LULZ. But yeah saw Miguel and he told us he had to leave early so he sat in the row in front of us and Tina and I sat in the back lol oops but yeah. Class wasn’t too bad. He had print-outs for us thank god. Cuz mine didn’t print cuz I ain’t got no black ink in the printerL sad life haha.  But yeah took notes and stuff and then we got out of class and went to the bookstore first. Told steven where I was and then when Tina and I found her book and went to the BSC, Steven was like “I’m in the bsc” WTF dude haha. Then my big was there and Anthony was done too and Nelson wanted to go find somhting for Angelica since her birthday is coming up and he has a car now and plus he parked the closest haha so we went in his car and went to west Covina mall and we had to be back in an hour since Tina had class and had to find it haha. But yeah went to the mall and looked at random stores and then got fries from the potato place haha. Then left since we couldn’t find anything yeah…

Saw some spaces so Anthony and I went to go move our cars haah we both parked on the 4th floor and it worked out perfectly cuz he was driving behind me and the parking spot we took had 2 spaces so he parked next to me and then we went to the BSC to chill and Kim was there and we were on the computer and stuff looking at random stuff ahha. Waiting for meeting time so yeah. Emily and Jason were there so sat with them for 5 minutes and then they both went to work/class. FUCKING RYAN POSTED ON CAL STATE SAN BERN’S VSA PAGE “WHATS UP CAL STATE SANTA BARBRA” OMF GHAHAHA THE BIGGEST FUCKING FAIL THIS IS TOO GOOD. And was still texting steven about it and we were laughing so hard because steven was with ryan as well omg haha.  Yeah. So killed an hour and then went upstairs and had to wait for someone to open Perseus room for us and we found a couch so we chilled on that haha and then went to the room and started the meeting. Stacy and Jordan be late oooh. But yeah meeting took like 2 hours and was texting people and shit and Stephanie was asking where I was since she came at 4 haha and there were a lot fo epolpe there apparently I sees. And jon and tina were texting me and shit too and steven was debating if he should go tonight and all that. So ended and then we had to go film Stacy’s scene real quick and we went to the hill by C lot and then Mitchell called me but it was Jacob borrowing his phone haha. And like Jacob was asking where I was and stuff yeah. Well took like 15-20 minutes for filming and it was pretty funny and then Anthony and I went to the parking structure since Anthony was elaving and I was gonna put something away and Steph and Jon called me and they were on the other side haha but yeah Stephanie came to me and then we walked a bit and Jon caught up with us and met up with Jacob too and went to the bsc to go to the bathroom cuz I needed to go and then we walked to the food truck area and we saw chance the rapper getting food at the poly truck nice haha. No one was getting photos with him LOL but he was with his “posse” so like yeah.  But wited for Jacob to get food and then went to walk around a bit and saw Derek and Sam while I was walking so talked to them a little yay haha and Jacob went to go say hi to them real quick yeah.  And Jon went to go somewhere to hide his longboard and then Jacob went to go stoge with friends so jon went with him and Stephanie and I went to the cupcake truck to get a cupcake MMM got a funnel cake one so good. And the boys came back and were sitting cuz Jacob was tired-_- and I didn’t want to sit there so Stephanie and I went to go check out the concert a bit and Chance came on and then Eunice was texting me and stuff and was texting other people too to see where they were at and then went back a little so we could see the stage more and I saw YG and them so I went to go say hi to Minh-Tuan and stuff and they met Stephanie and then we walked around more and finally found Eunice yayyy and we went to the front more AYEEE. Party with it haha.

We moved around a few times tho. Moved the second time and ran intro Francis YAYY <3 havent seen him in a while and he was telling me to change to Peg’s class for IGE haha but I have class at that time and stuff so Itold him we should take class together in the winter yayy. He met Eunice and Stephanie too and steph said he was pretty cute LOL yeah he is haha. So walked around more and shit and found areas to stand and watch the rest of the concert. Not a fan of Chance the rapper but hey at least he’s good live haha. He doesn’t suck so that’s good. Then the concert ended at like 8:50ish-_- WTF MANNN too fucking early. And like they should at least have a DJ or something afterwards what is this man. Ended up running into LIem Milton and them and we were all asking each other what was happening after and then also ran into Cory Natalie and Camille haven’t seen them in a while well except Cory I went to his house last week LULZ. But yeah. So we were all catching up a little and figuring out what was gonna happen and then said bye to them after like 10 minutes and walked around and some guy randomly came up to me and was like “HEY YOU’RE A SIS RIGHT?” WTF HAHAHA. And im like yeah cuz ive seen him at the parties and then he was trying to get my name but I can’t remember his since he gave me a fake name the first time…llike nigga da fuck. Lol But yeah he told me to go to Alpha Gamma’s house for after party or some shit LOL and I went back to where Ruben and them were and said Hi to Mason and stuff and the guy was like “DO YOU KNOW HER NAME” and mason and I are like wut ahhahah. Shouldve told mason to give him a fake name haha.

But talked to Minh-Tuan and saw Victor and he gave me a hug yayy. This drunk foo haha. And they were telling me to go to AG house in a bit and then Minh-Tuan was asking me about formals and shit and ready to tell me what we have to do LOL dude no too much just message it to me lulz. And he said ok and then me and him were figuring out what to do with Victor’s car cuz I didn’t want him to drive since he was drunk and that’s bad and he asked if it was better if he left his car at school and stuff. Oh Victor-_- haha But yeah they left and then Steph Eunice and I went to go meet up at Eunice’s house first since she lived kinda near the house, Stephanie followed me and then we drove to Eunice’s and then they went in my car and we drove to AG house….it kinda looked like no one was there. So I didn’t go in. we sat in the car for half an hour chatting HAHAHHAHA. And finally went in cuz YG and Amanda told me to go in, and like we did and kidna random people so like yeah..but went to YG and Ruben’s room first since Stephanie had to charge her phone so yeah then went to living room but random ass girls and then simon and syd and we ended up chilling in Rubens room cuz he played music and YG woke up and came to chill with us and I saw Boots sleeping in his room ahha how cutes. And a few more people started showing up like Josh and met TJ and we were drinking whatever they had. Basically drank after YG cuz slim shady so yeah…Stephanie tried a little aha yeah stephhhh

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL MAN HOLLY FUCKKKK. Woke upat 6 and got ready and changed and ate and then yeah ended up leaving my house at 6:50ish haha y r there so many cars like damn man. and freakin there was traffic at the suites area. omg. dude waited in that for like 10 minutes-_- why man. So sat in the car for a few minutes too texting Tina and Stephanie, steph was stuck in traffic and Tina kinda was too and Krystal said she was on the way at least and I started walking towards building 6 and Krystal and her friend Zach were waiting for me at the steps and we went to class. Yay we have class with Katrina and a few other people from our other classes thats good. And our professor came 

steph finally came, out an hour early, bathroom bloody nose, bsc, bookstore for vaseline, chilling, walking to class, found class, derek choi is in my calss, sitting behind him, class kinda boring, nose is stuffy and runny, ugh, marketplace, saying hi to the dudes, amanda, bsc for vsa, back to marketplace, inside for a bit, api, bsc talking with dalena, going home, 

wake up, get ready. see pekkle and amanda when im leaving lmfao, driving up to pekkl saying morning, kim’s house, dalenas room, stacy coming, ryan here, early. tping stuff, ryan calling anthony out since he didn’t come at the time i asked, waiting, meeting, food run, jordans, albertos, johnny is here, food, gave johnny my food, filming anthonys scene, looking at cabins, filming my scene, chilling, advertising today,. school, dropping stuff off, walking with ryan, gotta go back adn get knives, accidentally dropped megan helping me, seeting up, waiitng so hot, water, chilling, sandwiches here,getting poster to make sign,  selling, helping make sandwiches, see chris and aneesh, sellign more, see simon him asking if i know anyone who wants to join our shit LOL and i told him and matt to go look the other way cuz people in line at the bric super long line, Ruben and them saying maybe they will come,