What a lazy day for me man didn’t do much. Slept in until 10ish and like ate and sutff and then went to the mall around 11:30 to go get a swimsuit top. WTFFFF. Ugh they all fit me wear. fuck ma boobs man. fuck boobs. Yeah. And like victoria secret one kidna did fit me but then im like i feel like this gonna fall so naw man. naw. fuck boobs. And then i went to vons to get ice cream lol and watch more tv at home. I totally forgot target sold swimsuits-_- i guess i can try there next time haha better luck hopefully!!! yeah!!!

Then arleen was texting in group chat to hangout but then no one knew what to do-_- well that was a fail so probably not doing anyting. Wondering if we’re still hitting up the beach tomorrow. cuz liek if not i guess i’ll find some other shit to do ya knowssss. LALAL this week be weird. nothing set in stone lol


what do u mean we’re not friends, we follow each other

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YAY NEW PHONE TODAY!!! Woke up at like 8 something and just chagned and shit and then waited for my dad to get ready and went to rosemead. Spent an hour in AT&T lol i liked the girl mariam who helped us pretty cool. So got a 32 GB and did a 18 month plan since they are getting reid of ht eunlimited plan and stuff and liek i just had to buy $40 worth of acessories to get the activation fee yeah. Got the glass protector thingy since i’m scared to break my phone lol and got a sonix inlay case. It was pink and gold and absolutely love yayyyy. hahah All my cases have some sort of pink on them. Hmm…ilike pink cases too much lol yeah. Then went back home and stuff eek love my new phone. Just gotta be super careful with it and stuff. So i guess no beach today cuz group chat was a bit of a fail and stuff-_- Was at home till like 4 something and then went to jon’s house. Basically he helped me download stuff and i was doing last minute online order LOL and like Kaitlin and Jerry came. WOO finally meeting her boyfriend. I like him pretty cool guy. And we got to do random shit. 

Moved to the living room cuz it was still pretty hot nad we decide to go to walmart cuz jon wanted to make tie-dye stuff and so we went there and looked around. got ice cream om nom nom Thanks Jerry! haha and we paid for the other stuff. Decided to try a klondlike bar too for the first time…hmmm not sure how i feel about it. It’s not bad but its not that great either…yeah. So like went back to the house and we were doing random shit. Decided to go into the water. well i was sitting kaitlin went in ahha. I stepped where the jacuzzi/pool divider is and kaitlin was liek “theres a bee!” there was s freakin bee next to my foot lol. So i was liek wtf and then kaitlin started splashing water on the bee going “DIE BEE DIE” omfg kaitlin ahhaha so violent. Then was chiling and we were watching jon do tie-dye and stuff and like he let me do the second one, hey not too bad lol, and then he got 2 white shirts and we did those 2. Dip-dyed one of them hey not bad haha i like it. So played around in the water and stuff and making all that tie-dye shit. we were messing around and saying the powder was blue cocaine and black jungle juice LOLOL we so stupid man. Then it was getting darker so we moved inside and Jon was helping me with more downloading and he started to play amnesia and Jerry and Kaitlin finally came back in from drying off haha so we turned off the lights and played amneisa OMFG and was talking to Eden on facebook. DUDE IM SWEATING IN HERE.cuz a-its hot, b-we r watchign amnesia LOL i was singing the most random shit to go with it hahah interesting game i guess lulz


Crucial curve  

Didn’t do much in the morning. Ended up waking up at like 10 something and then saw 5SOS concert tickets for Nov15 were on sale but cmon….ALL THE SEATS I WANTED WERE TAKEN UGH DAMMIT MAN. But yeah didn’t do much. Went to go eat at Townsent with my mom for lunhc. got there before everyone else showed up lol then went to walmart since she had to get some foot fungus thing…ok mom LOL. got conditioner. trying a diff kind. got the garnier kind to go with the butter mask i got for my hair since its ew.

And like sydeny was texting in group chat saying we should go out haha yeah. Lowkey i was down cuz i told sydney since i dont drive freeway she told me to drive down valley and stuff haha. I figure this might take like an hour or something lulz. yeah so got home and got ready a little but and then drove to sydney’s house in alhambra haha. slightly pass mitchell’s house. FUCKING MY MUSIC STOPPED WTF MAN. yeah had to play music from my iphone first but then the radio worked so not bad ahah and then it was probably a 40 minute drive or so to get to sydney’s. Parking was a bit hard-_- sigh. But thats ok. Then went to YG’s house in glendale. He lives like 15 minutes away from her not too bad! NO PARKING WTF MANNNNN. Packed as fuck and sydney tried to parallel park..yeah we aren’t fitting in there hahaha. 

So we parked by a school and walked to the apartment thing and then she messaged him and she was liek ‘watch he’s probably naked” and he responded saying that he just got out of the shower and had to put clothes on HAHHAHAAHA. called it LOLOL. His sister let us in. OMG HIS LITTLE SISTER CAME TO OPEN THE DOOR FOR US HEHEHE. OMG SHES SO CUTE. She 3 and her name is Shaylee. THIS IS TOO ADORABLE OMG LIKE NO. SO CUTES. So we were talking to her since Jeremy was putting clothes on and sutff and like he came down and then went back up 5 minutes later to change into an outfit apparenlty he wore random shit to say hi to us lol. Ok. His little sister so cutes thooo. and apparnelty she calls him sasha AHAHHA im so calling him that now. Yeah. so hung out there playing with his sister a bit more and then went to The Americana. Parked at the structure behind glendale galleria. omfg. Jeremy does what i do haha. if its 3 people in a car he sits in the middle JUST LIKE ME WOOO. and the 3 of us think boba is whateves. we so perf man. Kawaii trio is kawaiisuhhhh. hahah so walked around the mall and stuff and we were talking abotu random stuff and he said he didn’t mind if we went to go shop and stuff lol we were having fun looking at clothes and stuff and then we were asking YG what he would wear as a girl and he said he’d probably dress hipster. Then we walked to the americana and then looked aorund and we were deiciding where to take photos later and then ended up walking back to the mall LOL to see if there was dessert, we wanted portos, so walked all the way to portos, IT WAS CLOSED WHEN WE WALKED THERE WTF DAMMIT MAN. So walked back and we went to L&L since Sydney was thirsty and we got drinks there and sat a little talking more and walked back to the americana. You could sit on the lawn this time yay and we got a blanket cuz sydney realized eveyrone had the same blankets and was liek ‘what” hahaha so we got it and sat down so rleaxing. took random selfies nad photos with the statue thingy haha. And we were syaing how we should come at 4am and go into the fountain. calls for some bomb ass schenanigans hehehehehe So went to Forever21 and H&m to shop around more haha. RANDOM CLOTHES MAN HEHEHHEHE. 

Went to the top area of the americana’s parking sturcture had a pretty nice view. except for the room of other stores because yeah….cant see as much now-_-so we got kidna hungry and walked around again and suff and decided to go to Potato Corner and we all ended up saying we were gonna order the same thing. YG went first and ordered 3…wait what. he was paying for us since we were came to visit him and errythang. D’AWH. And then turns out his friend works there and hooked us up with a giantic one omfg haha we have 4 now and we r eating this one too. So we were eating and ended up sitting on the curb. SO GOOOD MANNNN. then went to barnes and noble since they wanted water and i had to pee again so perfect. we got a random book from seventeen about how to get a boyfriend, this is the funniest shit ever omfg hahahaha we made fun of it. and we had YG so he could give his own insight lulz. so after we went back outside and we were chillign and stuff and walked around a bit more and decided to head home. went back to sydney’s car, and the mall be closed hmmz….but target was still packed haha i see. so dropped YG off and he gave us tight hugs haha how cute, then went back to sydney’s and started to drive home. MANNN my music stopped halfway home-_- so i switched to iphone lulz, and everyone was texting me on the way home….ok guys-_- i c yall

if ur sad do not fear friend i am sending puppies to help u


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LAZY ASS DAYYY. I felt like an old person when i woke up like dude can i just lay on the floor and squirm???? please. 

Didn’t do much. Watched youtube videos and continuing online shopping bcuz i like take forever ya know, and yeah. Dramas, and what not. LAZY ASS DAY OF COURSIESSSS. Ok shit i need to start downloading music…like f’reals. Spotify time. Need them music. And new songs to sing BOOM. 



what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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