hey someone told me you remind them of an owl



(via pizza)

LALLALA. skewl wheee. MAde a good sandwich this morning. Chicken and cheese and frnechbread together is happiness and it smells like soooo good. Ridiculously good man. Went to school and was pertty awake didn’t feel tired or anything at all:)yay. thats good. But got a mid-term for this class tuesday:( sigh. Time to read and then let ryan borrow as well. 

Went to the library for a few minutes since we got out early and Ryan told me him and Patrick want to do a shirt brand awh pretty cool. dammit i want to do mine but i need more time to design and stuff and learn photoshop and whatnot-_- sighz. Then like went to the business building to pick up a few more tickets from amy then went to meeting. Saw ma big and fucking he was liek “so heard about you at the after party” GAWD DAMMIT. People be saying i was mkaing out. no guys i dont do that T_T okay im not drinking for a bit now. Even though i was sober. and i was taking a nap on him sighz. Embarassment lololol. But yeah. God dammit nelson lol. Then was dividing up tickets with Jen and Jerry and he was giving them to staff and interns and stuff and we talked about it real quick ahah. Saw Nick and James also yay they came. TOld them to buy from me lol and Danny was like “NO BUY FROM ME IM OLDER THAN HER” lolol okay danny. Also did nominations for staff for next year….Uh Andrew nominated me for master of media what. I said put on hold lol. And someone said michelle for secretary and she didn’t want it so i nominated her for intern chair since i know she wants that haha. Silly michelle. 

Then went to class and i told her what nelson said and she knows haha but she laughed at me too lolol. And then steven told is he was gonna be late. typical lol. So saved him a seat and class wasn’t too bad. But we were texting and shit lol. Then went to library and foudn a room and was online shopping and shit and i kidna forgot my lonin account for ECON hw lolol. So that didn’t exactly workout whoops. But read the chapter at least yeeas. And was trying to keep steven on track cuz he took a break and started playing some weird tile game LOL he would. We all left at 4:50 and i went home. HMMM SO EARLY FOR ONCE. bUt then im staying late the net 2 days lol so yeah. 


Bird school, which is for birds.


Welcome to bird college-for birds


feat. me looking sexual



Slept in a bit today until like 8 haha. Then went to school at 9;50 and yeah. Chilled at the bsc Johnny left when I got there since he had class and then i was texting tina and she said jayson would be there and low behold he came LOLOL. So funny. Scred me a ltitle at first tho. Dylan came oto and so did Joe and like Ysabelle and jayson was showing us a few funny pics. Then Jen came and we were talking about clubbing tickets and shit and then I went to the library to hangout with Mitchell for a bit. he was listening to an online audio of the bible because he was too lazy to read lol. That lazy butt. Then he was showing me pictures for costumnes he wanted for friendship games this sunday. So I was helping him with that and all. 

After went to class and we did a bunch of random shit in there then went to the BSC to hangout a little. Didn’t want to eat but my fucking stomach kept growling ugh dammit. so i got skittles and doritos of course. ima stahp since i go home early some days now and sutff. Chilled with everyone else and breiefly me and Katrina and I were helping Jerrick out with Jenny cuz apparently they were fighting or something? idk lol. THen went to class with patrick and he accidentally called sam carl LOLOL. Class was fucking hot. Had partners and critiqued each other. I failed so bad. good god. De-motivates me to dance whoops. Went to starbucks and Kim caught up with us and we were talking about positions for next year and stuff. Apparently people were telling her i was interested? and stacy said somehting about us 2 running for co?? idk lol. ill help out but i wont run aha cant commit the time needed lulz. After walked with patrick and we saw misa and he said she kinda annoys him and we started talking about everyone annoys him and he said i annoy him sometimes LOLOL. Its okay. When he childish he annoys me too. Then went home and was talking ot tina cuz it was shitty traffic to get outta school. like god dman. And we were talking about how the boys better talk us to formals LOLO since I was talking to chris and he was telling me how bad it was last night. jesus. I asked him to remind me why they are doing this again and he didn’t ven give me a good reason sigh silly boys. I worry for yall. Especially since I saw Jason’s elbows and stuff. Red marks and scratches like shit. 

At home Nick messaged me and asked baout friday OMFG HAHAHA. Apparenlty him and the oldies were watching me since they didn’t know daniel and he was like “we don’t know the kid. gotta make sure he doesn’t take you home or anything. if he did anything bad we were about to beat him up” HAHAHHA Oh my thank you but so funny hahah