Well happy birthday to Daryl:) Hope you has a great day!

Slept like 10 hours today it was greay hehe. Got to stay home all day. Cuahgt up on some new drama of course i would and doin a bit of online hsopping and shit man and talking to people and whatnot. Spent some time on the couch lazying it out as well. Gotta catch up on reading and shit for classes so I should pprobably do that stuff soon and all. ahhhh VCN is done. I can come home early for a bit on several of the days yassss

Because I am not the type of person someone falls in love with.
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LALALLALA Didn’t do too much today. Got to stay home. Considering I got home at 5am and slept late but i woke up at like 9 and 10 and I already had texts from Tina and Daniel so I was texting both of them haha and I kept being in and out of sleep. ended up waking up at 12:50 OOPS OVERSLEPT.

Spent most the day watching asian dramas hehe and then texting people and shit and yeah. Not much else. watched some tv too. Steven also texted asking if he could drop by to get the stats book. I said yes but god dammit i showered gotta go put on a bra and shit now sighzzz. ahha. He came and then i gave him the book and we talked for a little then i went back inside. yeee more dramas. ANd was talking to mitchell and for some reason we started talking abotu underwear and he talked about thongs then said that he wanted a bra. WTF HAHAHAH. 

okay shall sleep in in a few and then do homework tomorrow i can do this shit




advantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

  • instant cute outfit with minimal effort
  • it enhances the coziness when u drink hot beverages
  • sweater paws are guaranteed to make u feel 43% more adorable
  • u can unbutton ur jeans and no one will know

disadvantages to wearing oversized sweaters:

Guys think they’re totally not cute lol

the day i dress for a man is the day they dress me in my coffin to see jesus

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Holy shit today is that day. VCN DAY MAN. So nice sleeping at home like f’real tho. 7 hours close enough for me. Woke up at 7:40 to get ready and all that like washing my hair and what not and like ate breakast and got ready and packed and then went to school. Saw lisa and Nick in the parking stucture when i was walking. lisa locked her keys in her car lol whoops. Went to the theater and some people were there said hi to Danny and Phat and liek people were getting ready. Went into the smaller fancy room Niki Patrick Ryan were in hehe. Then moved with some of the VDC girls to the girls changing room and like since we weren’t starting yet we decided to start doing hair XD don’t even know how it happened but we just did that omg ahah. HAIR STYLING HWEEE. Did sarah’s hair first hehe. She said her hair doesn’t really curl or stay but i can make it werk hehe. Then we got called for a meeting on the stage and half the girls walk out wiht theyr hair half curled haha. pretty funny. Then went back in and did more hair. Did eileen’s hair too. DAMNNN CAME OUT SO NICE MAN after finished Lisa’s hair also since I was doing her hair as well since she needed help ahha. OOps accidentally burnt myself probably like 3-4 times. oh weel im used to it so das kewl.

Then kinda did my hair buyt didnt exactly finish since I had to go to class and plus I had to get the cluibbing tickets from Amy and she was getting out of class from the building I was gonna be in anyways. Got dem tickets yay. 300 tickets sho fancyyy. Class was ight. ysabelle ended up not coming so it was just me and azusa haha. And we were suppose to choose groups or some shit and then do pick groups to interview. idk something like that. then after went back to the theater and joinged VDC on stage since we were doing formations and all that. The coords were getting a little annoyed with everyone I could tell. BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS sigh-_- ANd then after we got a small lunch breka and i still eneded to get ready adn all that shit and like we got called outside to go practice in the back-_- so we did that and brian was saying how his piece looked really messy at the end-_- and then freakin keane and all them told us to start doing the first set pieces wtf man. I know we need to clean but wouldn’t it be more logical to clean the super dirty pieces first. Like apparenlty couples and closer piece were dirty but we’re cleaning first set uhm……and like me JD and lorraine were kinda like ugh but cleaned and I was the runner to check which scenes we were at and stuff and then we ended up having to sprint for second set so did that. 

So finsihed second set and then we got called to practice more outside again and we did gender swap which was pretty hilarious and then went back to get ready since it was 6 and time to prepare ermagerddd. So ysabelle did my makeup and rina put on eyelashes for me. wheee thanks rina:) eyes look dark ahha darm. Haven’t worm lashes in ta while tho so i feel like i got dem caterpillars on my eyes lol. Then got on deck. ERMAGERD FUUU. Michelle was freakin out, i was freakin out and steven was somewhat calming us down sighhh. Looks fun but scary holeeey shit. But got prepared for this shit anyways and was okay with it and shit VDC is up and basically i just dove right into it when we did Keane’s piece holy eff. Can somewhat see people but not too much and it was still pretty sick. ALL OUT hell yes. I know i went super all out because i was huffing when i finished. Got water and then we went to the back again to practice. Fucking keane started playing first set music…uh this is a waste of energy we just did this wtfffff.  But then got into the second set so we did that shit like 2-3 times so yeah man. 

Then went back inside and did last minute touch ups and that shit and cara made my bottom liner a little more darker so thank god haha. Watched intermission for a little. Didn’t see the guys:( BOO BUt Eli texted me saying good job on the red nose piece and that he had to leave early since he had a dinner that start at 7 and it was 8 already. Hey im just happy he even went haha thanks bro. Jon and Kai said that they were gonna be back later on since they took eli to his dinner and then Kai told me they were back tho so yay. Then got ready for the second set and wheee. Scaweeee. Was an extra with Rina cara and Joe and we like pointing at the ceiling bullshitting random actions ahah so funny. Did the set and that was pretty full out as well like shit mann. Then changed real quick and we were all taking photos and selfies inside the changing rooms and in the hallyways haha wtf is wrong with us. Then we got ready for the stuff we had to do at the end like singning lean on me and the credits at the end yeee. 

OMG WE DONE DANG. Then cleaned our stuff and then VDC got ment to the back and we had a few short speeches and then we went to the front. Got to say hi to the barkada peeps YEEE. ANd jeraldine was there hehehe ay girl. Sandy was gonna eat iwht nick and i found out pizza was in san dimas so i didn’t want to go anymore. Walked with Lorraine to her dorm so she could put stuff down and change and then we went to my car and decided where to eat and we foudn MJ’s the new one in walnut so we went to that and freaking as we walk in i hear familar voices, and its lstacy jerry eric kristy.brian serena.kenny and jonathan diep there LOLOL oh course and on the other side was paige jeremy and kyle and a few other barkada peopel ahha. i like how we’re all there. So ordered and yay got curry pork katsu. MMM FRIED FOOD MAN. had weird convos of course. Was texting Tina and she said a lot of peple were at Yardhouse also. GAWDAMMIT I WANT YARDHOUSEEE. THen went to our cars afterwards and drove to the house. An okay amount of people were there and Lorraine and I had good talks in the car and stuff haha. Dude i freakin love this girl so humble and awesome. 

Then went to the party and saw Daniel so I said hi to him and then I saw patrick and oh jeez. he’s already lying on the couch and he’s really red already LMFAOOOOO And he tells me “i’ve only had 1 shot” jesus christ haha. I went to go take some shots too and i ended up taking 3 lol and then told Daniel to take one with me and he walked me over to the bar again okay i guess more drinks and for some reason Linh made a “manly” shot. WHAT THE FUCK THERES LIKE 15 GUSY AROUND THE BAR AND ME. So i ended up taking that with them wtffffff. what is this shittt. then played rage cage I got tina to play even though shes bad and Eileen and i made her go stand in the middle of us and i said i was gonna drink for her anyways so i ended up having to drink one for her but i had to drink 2 for myself-_- and then tina missed another one so i told kevin to drink the other one for her. And like gradually they started to be on our side more so Eileen was telling Nelson to get it away from me since I was standing next to him also. jared ended up losing haha.then like was walking to the backyard and inside and all that cuz a shit ton more people came and it got fucking hot mannn. and like omfg David got drunk so freakin quick and we were all crowding around him since it was pretty damn funny ahah. Then went to talk with a few others and was sitting on the couch with tiffany and talking to her and she was asking if i liked anyone ahha but she guessed it pretty quick even though i didn’t say a name lol. Oh gosh. And she was saying she felt a lot of people would like him like me since he is such a nice guy lol. 

Then talked some more about that hah and she was saying it cuz we hang out a lot and we seem really close and then Patrick sat on me-_- WHYYY. Then Lorraine came by and wa slike lets take shots so she helped me up and we wen to tkae shots and then  was hanging with a few others and then was talking to daniel and went outside for a bit and was tlaking to tina for a little then went back insdie took more shots lol im at like 7 now and ended up laying on Daniel’s lap and then Theo was asking if we wanted to play rage cage again and I was trying to get him to play with me but he didn’t want to and said he would watch me insead. Then like i kept fucking failing what is this. and like i ended up losing what the hell but some random guy drank for me instead god bless hahah cuz it was a shit ton of morgan hell no. Then went to tkae a few more shots with other people and like Daniel took several double shots and I ended up taking one that was equal to double shots wtfff man. IT MADE MY STOMACH FEEL WEIRD NOOO. Then went to go chill by the bp tables and ended up laying down on daniel. Idk i was sober but a little tired and he was not okay and he was basically flirting with me haha. And we were texting even though i was laying on him and he was really warm. And like Cindy would be like to me “MMMMM WHATS GOING HERE HEHE” and like patrick and a few others came closer to here LMFAO they woudl. Then went outside a little and i coudl tell he was trying to kiss me since earlier we were with his friend and they were telling me some gay shit and daniel ended up going “you should kiss me so i can see if im straight or not” and im like noooo hahaha. It sokay me godd me just lay on you your’e comfy anyway shah. I think i knoced out for 20 minutes also because it was like 4:30 and then yeah this is getting way to fucking late so me and Patrick left…proabably shoulnd’t have driven but like yeah me and patrick were good we talked and stuff. Gotta love that boy. Then he went in his dorm and i went home. lalalla never driving like this again.






me after I reincarnate