internet friends are kinda like illegally downloaded friends. you don’t get the physical copy but you still get all the great content

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if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

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omg getting a haircut today . haven’t gotten on in two years. not counting me cutting my bangs. but thats just bangs nothing big lol. So got up at like 10 somehting and ended up leaving the house at 1 and went to Fanny’s salon place. OOOH SO NICE THEY REMODELED. Reminds me more of Taiwan but yeah didn’t have to wait that long. Got ma hair washed and conditioned first yayy smells so good haha. And then got seated and had my hair blow dried and then still damp I was talking to fanny about how I wanted it cut. 2-3 inches and layered and the V. My typical haircut lol since I need less hair cuz it’s too fucking poofy when I put my hair in the front since I take the whole thing. And then it was still a bit long so had another half inch taken off so probably 3-4 was taken off?? Since it’s V and gonna be layered more is gonna be cut off anyways and my mom kept complaining it was still too long wtf mom LOL. But it came out nice and got more bangs cut too yeeee. Likey my hair. Not too short it’s like medium which is perfect lol. Then went To go eat at some canto restaurant and ordered quite a lot for just me and my mom lol of well. Food was IGHT not bad. Then went to get some groceries and went home 

Was watching dramas at home when I shoulda been packing dammit Lindsay lol. And was kinda online shopping. Yolo fuck it ima do this when I come back Monday same with picking classes gotta do all this I swear. At least I had dinner and finished the filet fish and veggies and went to get clothes and shit out and kinda got most the stuff I needed packed god bless. changed and went to target at 6:50 since I wanted to get some snacks. FUCKING FORGOT MY PHONE AT HOME-_- so went back to get it good thing I didn’t drive that far LOL OOPSz and went to target wtf so many cars at this time. Looked at snacks to get which didn’t take long and then went to Office Depot since I looked at office supplies LOL. Ugh this new one is fucking tiny they don’t even sell that much. Wish it was the old one wayyyy bigger and more selections. Time to order off of amazon CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Then went to pickup Ryan cuz he was like “I’m so bored at Home” and we went to Kim’s and he told me about work haha pretty fun to hear. so go to Kim’s and Ryan just opened the door and we walked in LOL and we said hi to dalena and went upstairs and said hi to Kim jayson and Kenny and Peter was too busy playing video games to see me lol. FUCKJNG JAYSON THREW A TRASHCAN AT ME AS A WAY TO SAY HI WTFFFFF. This basic bitch-_-. Went downstairs and Kim said they were going to Korean market h-mart and we wanted to go so full car woooo. And I wanted to get melona. Haven’t had it in so long om NOM NOM. So kenny jayson and Kim got their groceries and me Kim and Ryan went to look at the melona bars and Ryan was like “I want the mango” and grabs the melon instead because “it’s green looks more refreshing” RYAN LOGIC LOL WTF HAAHA. And then in the car Kim really wanted it and Ryan said he would wait but I gave Kim one and Ryan was like “fuck it gimme one” LOL so the 3 of us r just in the back of the car eating it and they freakin loved it MWHAHAHAHA YES ICE CWEAMN. So goods Got back and found Bryant and Patrick there and Bryant wanted food and Ryan mentioned he had Carls jr coupons and Kim and them had started cooking so we decided to go since Patrick wanted food too and I ended up driving lol and I reminded Ryan I still don’t have my license on me WHOOPS LOL. But yeah just drive safely and I should be okay HAHHA. So went to carls jr and Wendy’s and there was like no one which is perfect and then went back to the house and I ate another melona bar CUZ Y NOT TOO GOOD and the dogs kept circling us cuz they wanted food Lol They would and like I finished my Popsicle so I let Ash lick it and she licked the shit outta that stick omg hahah and the guys went to go get beer and then Bryant Ryan and Patrick started playing catan LOL and I ended up leaving since it was almost 11 and I still need to shower and finish packing and shit and Anthony wasn’t here yet yeah…. So he said he would leave it with someone yeah ok close enlugh lol. So went home and packed real quick…after I put toner in my hair lol and yeah packed and shit sleeping at midnight man


Grass in the Wind, Meditations by Shironeko


I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

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LALALLA woke up at 10 and Tina told me she still has my ID. WELL FUCK I NEED THAT LOLOL. so we were thinking of what to do to get my id back man yeah. Then was helping Jon get his HARD DOTD ticket since he was having trouble. Had him gimme his info and shit and yeah got it for him. it was like 161 or somehting not bad. like several dollas more than our. ok more liek $20ish yeah whatever. FIRST RAVES TOGETHER WOOT WOOT.  And liek LABOR DAY SALES BEGINNING OH HELL YEAHHH. So looking at the sales. so good gawd bless yay.

Went to VDC at liek a little after 3 and patrick was texting me saying he was in traffic haha i see. there wasn’t really anyone there except Loc and a girl named Jised haha shes cool. Was talking to her and she was askign me about my dance background lulz and if I knew Eli since she asked where I went to school adn stuff. yeah then more people came and learned from some guy from bmod or someting he knew yssy since she came today yay haven’t seen her. Hillary Santos from Esentrcs was teachign after but was gonna leave in a bit and Danna came so we were chillign adn went to move her car. That was a mini adventure ahha and then we went up to watch and talked a bit more and I left after talking on the phone with mark Paulo a bit since we were talking abotu clubbing and all that stuff and left with jacob and he asked if i was gonna go clubbing tonight. NAAAA man ahah so lazy 



literally want to be rich for the clothes 

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im funnier online where I can’t stutter

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YAYYY lunch with Eden today. FINALLY SEEING HIM OMFG. even tho we were suppose to eat like 2 weeks ago or whatever hahaha. 

So drove to President Thai in Diamond Plaza since Eden told me he was saving eating Thai food with me ahha. Yeah kinda got there around same time him and his friends did. Got to meet Joanna Kingston, said hi to Kingswell since we already knew each other and Hammy ahha. Jacob was still on the wya and Eden and I shared a Pad Thai. OM NOM NOM FOOD. Jacob came and we were all just staring at him through the window LULZ. Good talking to him and everyone. We talked shit about Lorenzo half the time HAHAHHA. That fucker i swear lol. Pretty damn funny. ANd then we talked about random shit too as well. ANd the food was pretty good. 

We went to go thrift shopping after and freakin we got cased down going towads eden’s car becuase he used card and he forgot to pay for tip LOL awkward haha me and joanna were like “so embarassing” seriously i swear lol. We went with Hammy in his car since the other boys were with Eden so yeah. GOODWILL WOOOO. the kings actually bought some stuff but other than that jacob was trying on random shit and Joanna and I were having fun judging what they were wearing and stuff LOL. Eden ended up talking to his girlfriend on the phone for a bit so yeah. we let him do that and jacob was finding like the ugliest shirts to try on hahaha. they either looked like he was a drug dealer or he was going on a vacation to hawaii or some cruise shit it was pretty damn hilarious. and finally eden was done and jacob was still trying shit on and we were laughing so hard esp joanna and i. JUDGING U SO HARD JACOB. 

Then Kingston had to drop Kingswell off for work and we were going to go to their friend Adam’s house to go swim or something ahha. joanna and I just wanted to dip our feet in. And Hamilton dropped us back off so I could get my car and Joanna went with me since we didn’t know the address haha and yeah we got slightly lost going there but turns our instead of going right we were suppose to go left and stuff. lol joanna was like ‘oops” its ok girl lol. We talked about a lot of stuff ayeeee. bonding lol. new friends man.  Drove the right way this time and im like “if we see Eden’s car it means we’re in the right place” and yes we foudn his car….facing the opposite way AHAHAHHAHA HE SO WOULD PARK LIKE THAT. So got to Adam’s and introduced myself and like he went to pick up his brother and Eden decided to go to his room so we went in and Jacob was liek “lets hide his blankets LOL. So they lifted up the mattress and put the blanket in there and the pillows but it made a lump so they had to flatten it out and stuff. pretty funny and jacob was trying to turn on the computer so he could play league lol and liek Adam came back and most of us were ont he bed and took him 10 minutes to realize his blankets were gone and he’s liek “guys, where are my blankets” LOLOL true dat. And we were laughing and jacob is just on the side playing some shooting game haha. And like Adam decided to hold Joanna’s phone hostage instead LULZ.

Then we went outside since Adam found his blankets and stuff lol and Eden and them went to change and went to the pool. Joanna and I just sat by an edge. OMFG THIS WATER FEELS FREAKIN AMAZING. GAWD BLESS MAN. felt sooo good. And thne the boys went in and Adam told us about the pond. btw his house is so nice and freakin majestic. esp the backyard and front yard haha. So we went to check out the pond WHERE DEM FISHES. And Koi fish yayyy. Fishes so cutes man haha. then we went back to the pool to sit and FUCKING JACOB STARTED SPLASHING US WHAT THE HELL. And adam gave them 2 water guns to play off. OH FUCK NOO. And eden and jacob started spraying us and shit. these dipshits man UGH DAMMIT U 2. they sprayed adam too and joanna and i were liek “GOTTA SUN DRY” and we took photos lol to show how wet they got us-_- JERKS. sigh. and air-dryed and stuff pretty fun. And like the boys were doing the horse thingy adn trying to be graceful hahah what the hell these boys. what nonsense. It was pretty funny to snapchat at least haha then we went inside and we were chilling on the couches and stuff doing random shit. Ended up leaving at liek 6 and we were standing outside of edens car while he blasted music. of course lol. Them and their awkward dancing of course man lulz. Then took Joanna home since she was on the way for me and talked about random stuff and yeah. Dang she lives up a big ass hill LOL. i did it tho yeah. Relaxing rest of night. GREAT SEEING EDEN AND JACOB AT LEAST :D AND NEW FRIENDS WHEEE.