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pick amanda up, alpha alpha house at 2:15 only PJ there, talking to finn and simon about tv shows, finally leaving squishing in car cuz sam and marielle came me on the floor, lee’s sandwiches first, back to squishing, LA, not too bad, finding parking not feeling good, wlaking, feels amazing outside, taking escalators, chekcng in, shirts, bathroom, building, assigned floors, with amanda and PJ, like almost 2 hours, talking a lot, filling water and w 2 high schoolers, simons comes back down to us, amanda taking photos, going down, stuck in elevator, down, getting stuff, waiting for everyone, group photo quickly, leaving, cars, getting food, go with pekkle, in n out at the village, so good, sitting outside, alpha alpha house chilling a bit, playing wwith cat, mason telling me happy birthday ayeee thanks dude haha, driving to the kickback w amanda, nick adn sandy outside, such a nice house, a house kingston and kingswells mom is selling lmfao, everyone chilling syaing hi to peopel. eden fucking drunk but takin gphotos with me, talking saying hi, in nand out of the house bad service, touring upstairs, eden kept falling us all catching him, running around, stripping outside, running around house more, eating chips,  rage cage, slowly backing out cuz so weird, people start boxing, leaving at 1



I was telling my friend a story the other day and it must have taken too long because he quietly took out his wallet and handed this to me.
He literally carries like 50 of them at all times.

that is so fucking rude and i need several hundred

AYE BDAY TODAY THO. Lots of crazy shit happening today im pretty sure. Woke up at like 8 something and started to prep for the day and shit and like was texting Tina and all that and like rewet my hair and stuff and was trying on clothes to wear. Already trying to text a bunch of people since everyones texting me happy birthday ahha thank you friends! Only time I get a bunch of texts from the homies LULZ. But yeah. Not ready to check facebook ones yet since there is probably more of those haha. But yeah tina came and she was seeing what necklace she wanted to try on and stuff and then I was switching back and forth with shirts and all that cute ok. But yeah. Just ended up wearing a plain black tee cuz like idk what else to wear oops ahha. Jeraldine picked us up at 10:50 with Alexa and they were wishing me happy birthday aw thanks you 2 <3 and then we went to Urth Caffe in Pasadena

Jeraldine’s driving was pretty hilarious im not gonna lie haha and stupid Pasadena streets tiny and some of them being ine way streets bit confusing omfg. But yeah found Urth Caffe and there were a lot of epoepl there at 11. Got the brunch menu and stuff and we were ordering. Tina and I got pizzas, Alexa got a quiche, and Jeraldine got a sandwich looking pretty good I see. And we were looking for a nice area to sit at haha. Ended up going to the colarado blvd side and we sat at a table there at first got 2 tables but then realized we could all fit so we put the table back ahha. And we started taking pictures and shit it was pretty funny. So Asian. And Jeraldine was standing on the chair getting photos it was hilarious omfg hahahaha. This is too great. Got our food and stuff and we started eating and taking more photos. DAMNNN. The pizza is really good. Its pricey but glad the food fills you up and it tastes pretty damn delicious. GOTTA COME BACK AGAIN. Then we moved the car since its like an hour parking and we were helping jeraldine get out and then found Cool Haus and we were gonna go but stupid maps was taking us god knows where and I gave the address I found on Yelp but we still didn’t see it so we parked in a parking structure that gives 90 free minutes. But passed by more blocks and it looks like they are building more eating places and stuff. I see a 85 degree in the works. DUDEEEE this 85 looks fucking huge. Then we parked in the structure but first jeraldine ended up in  the exit lane LOL and we had to go back in and then parked then walked around on Colarado blvd. FIRST FOUND DICK BLICK AYEE. And tina and I went to go look at art stuff.  Sigh cheap but still expensive. Ended up getting 3 pens but it came out to be like $10 so I got rid of one and it was $6 UGH WHY SO EXPENSIVE THE TEARS. Guess I will order online now haha.  Then we started walking around the streets and found a gelato store. OM NOM NOM ended up getting ice cream there so good and Jeraldine paid for me aww <3 thanks you hehe. Cuz she wanted to pay for my dessert. Went into Lush and Forever 21 and stuff then went back to Lush cuz tina wanted to buy a lip scrub thingy and jeraldine and I were taking photos haha kinda hard since there wasn’t much space and then walking back to the structure we found a cute brick place for photos so we were doing that and pretty gay of us YOLO LULZ. Then went to the car and went  back to my house to get dropped off since Jeraldine had work.  There was kinda traffic on the 210 gayyy. But yeah. Said bye to her and alexa and thanked them for hanging out with me hehe. And then Tina proceeded to go take a nap on my bed and I went to re-wash my hair and change shirts cuz yeah. Black is getting too hot for me. Esp in my room cuz its fucking hot in here. Kai couldn’t go with us to lunch so he said we should hangout a little later but he said he had to study since he has class later and they have quizzes, and Liem told us to come over since he isn’t doing anything today, so instead of going to Kai and Liem’s house we’re just going to liem’s instead hehe.

 So drove to his new area and just took arrow the whole way and we passed by the fairplex. WELL SHIT THIS STREET GONNA BE BUSY  at day of the dead weekend oh my. But yeah went to liem’s new house and it’s a gated place and we parked on the street and he let us in and the house was close to the gate how nice haha. And went in and he toured us the house and Milton and Cory were in Liem’s room fixing it the internet because fuckign Liem before we came was playing league and he broke the internet…Liem. What are you doing -___________- lol. And we ended up going downstairs to chill on the couches and we were all chatting for like an hour. Then Tina and I left since she was gonna go home and was waiting for traffic to die down and its like 5:10 now and Mitchell and Steven were gonna be at my house at like 6 or so and stuff so should be home for them. So went back home and said bye to Tina and she showed me the inside of her car ahha. And then I went inside and went to go tame my hair for a bit cuz yeah…its kinda crazy and shits oh god. And was playing music and Mitchell said he was on the way and that there was a shit ton of traffic

Steven texted me asking if I was home yet and he said he was coming over I guess he was with Ryan?? Haha. So he came over and apparently Ryan told him about the cabin and I showed it to him cuz its Steven he da close homie of course haha. And he totally loved it. It topped last years. Like lets be real. 3 stories. That’s pretty fucking amazing. And I was taming my hair still and steven was chatting with me the whole time good good haha. And then Mitchell finally came and he was all dressed up AWWWW I like his outfit. He dressed up for me lol. Ok fuck maybe I shoulda dressed up a little lmfao. Steven is just wearing running clothes and im in shorts and a tee LULZ. Typical man. So yeah we were yelping what to eat and stuff and then I guess we ended up settling for kbbq cuz before Mitchell came the more I talked to steven my stomach started growling and shit and im like wtf LOLOL what is this. So yeah I decided to drive and we went to Win bbq in diamond bar cuz cheaper and yeah. So got there and they sat us in a section ive never been in before sweet ahhaa. And we were ordering and shit and the boys got me rice and stuff haha love these 2. But yeah. Was texting people too and found out Eli was free and he was down to go to DnB in OC with me for JPN’s but then I decided not to go so I could spend more time with Steven and Mitchell and was texting kai too when he was getting out and stuff so he could go to Jacob’s with me. Eli was gonan come with me so I wanted Kai to come as wellJ. Kept eating and holy shit. Idk how im even doing this getting so full. Steven took lik a 5 minute nap and was like “sigh I guess ill finish” hahah and we were all finsihign together and stuff and they ended up splitting the bill since they were gonna pay for me. D’awh you guys <3 haha.  Thank you so much you 2.

Took a few selfies cuz we had no one to take the photo for us awk LUZL. And then went to my car and we sat in there a little deciding where too go. Basically too full but we decided to go to MJ’s to get drinks and visit or more specifically, watch ryan work LOLOL. We went in and Ryan was like “wtf why r u guys here” WHY NOT RYAN HMMMZ. Haha but then we ordered drinks since we were way too full from KBBQ obvi and we were watching Ryan work. What creeps we is LMFAO. And when he came by to give us the check we took selfie HEHEHHEHEH that’s our group photo close enough ya knows.  Then drove back to my house to drop off Steven and Mitchell but first took a detour since they were fixing the streets so it was hard to turn-_- dammit haha. And so got back to my house and went out to give Steven and Mitchell hugs, D’awh thank you 2 so much for dinner ya guys da best. Then drove to Kai’s house and waited for him to come out and we went to bank first so he could give me some of the DOTD money and then we picked up Eli yayy. Haven’t seen him in a while J and drove to Jacob’s house in chino and everyone was in the back bbq time ayeee. Eden gave me a hug first and the King’s and Jacob and them all told me happy birthday THANKS GUISE :D Eden had to leave immediately. He stayed just to see me AWH THANKS DUDE LOL.  Ill see him tomorrow too. Jon went to go make burgers for Kai and Eli so they were by the grill and I went inside to use the bathroom and talked to Sandy and Nick a little since they were chilling inside. Then talked to Jacob for a bit catching up  and then went back to talk to the boys and errythang ya knows it was fun ahah. Stayed like a little bit over an hour talking about a lot of random shit then close to 1 moved it inside since we were still pretty loud yeah…. But left at 1 since some of us had to wake up early! So yeah did that. Then went to the cars. Eli went to go ride with Jon and Eli was running around HAHAHHAH. And he jumped on the trunk and it was pretty damn hilarious. So got back to the house mmm. Time to sleep!!!

SO GREAT SEEING SO MANY PEOPLE TODAY. Today was a missions filled day like omfg. 19 isn’t really all that great but I really liked my birthday today probably because I got to do so much and got to see a lot of close friends and stuff. Absolutely great. Ya’ll made this a really good birthday :3

LALALLA DYING KIM’s HAIR AND WE GOTS MEETING TODAY YOO. But woke up at like 9 and was kidna lazying it cuz I woke up at 8 and HOLY SHIT WHY THE FUCK IS THERE SO MUCH HEAT IN MY ROOM ALREADY. THIS IS WAY TOO HOT. JESUS. And then went to Kim’s at 10:20ish and picked her up so we could go to Sally’s. Apparently she never knew there was a Sally’s by her old house at the old Lion’s Den lulz. But yeah. we asked the girl for help and she helped Kim pick the one for her hair and we got that a bottle of developer and then went back to the house to start dye-ing. Freakin nala and kim kept coming to me to lick me wow these fucking 2i swear LULZ. 

Did a lot of sitting and dying in my room cuz this heat man. I like how it gets hot in september. not when its summer season but towards the end of the summer season like cmon what is this. but i’m so used to it so i don’t really care haha. Was planning out what the hell was happening tonight with the zeta bros omfg. i swear we all suck at replying-_- i don’t reply cuz no one replies to me so thats a no bueno like f’real nows.  But yeah didn’t go out till 8

Went to Edwards by the west co mall and met up with Angeli Derek and Sam and we were waiting on Amanda and Flik yeee. Kinda were deciding on a movie to watch but at the same time we were kidna like we could go elsewhere hmmmz. 

gonna be a random day pretty sure. at least the tv be fixed finally after like almost 2 weeks? a week? one of those. Didn’t do much but i really need to get on editing the video want to be done by next week. gotta do it this week! and find music too song of a bitch lol time to search itunes or sumtinnn. But yeah hanging out with Amanda for a bit later wheee. so change and stuff at like 4ish and and then went to staples cuz i was gonna get magazine holders but….yeah not working out as much-_- dammit man. But yeah drove to amandas house….wow got there same time as her LOL then she had food since she didn’t eat all day and changed and we drove to alhambra for fluff ice. parked and like amanda wasn’t ready to see them LOL and we had to pee really bad so we were looking for the bathroom and like Derek and someone else saw us and we said hi super quick and and went to daiso and asked where the bathroom was and then went to the bathroom and back into daiso to look around. omg haha Amanda was liek a 5 year old at disney for the frist time it was great. we had too much fun looking at the randomest stuff hahaa. 

Then went to Tokyo Lifestyle and OMG THEY SELL KRACIE STUFF I LOVE THIS. and Amanda knows it too and got one. too fun omg omg. I want one but hella expensive sad life:( Went to fluff ice area after and said hi to jason and he gave us the flyers for the fundraiser and we went inside and Leo came with us and was liek “what do you guys want ill pay” but then he goes “buy me something” WTF LEO LOL. And got shaved ice om nom nom and yay Jackie and Sydney came and we were talking to Devin adn Victor also since they sat with us and finsihed our food and more people came in the later it was and we talked to people. Amanda and I somewhat awksies lulz cuz not many people to talk too but yeah. went back outside after cuz Derek came to get us and told us AD photo that didn’t happen adn we went to bathroom again and went back to the group and we were all just alking about when to hangout and stuffs and then like Amanda was talking to Diana, kidna forgot if that was her name and wasn’t sure if she remembrered me so didn’t want to say anything lol until i randomly re-introduced myself and she said “im pretty sure we’ve met” HAHA ok we know each other now! lulz. so we were talkign to her and she was asking us about how we are with our bros and stuff and she said she wanted more down sis’s WHEE BONDING HAHA and said bye to people cuz they started leaving so it was us 3 and our bros and she was giving advice for formals haha and like asked about shots and stuff and she told me I look really innocent haha. YEAH I KINDA AM LOL all i do is drink man. haha thanks Diana :3 lulz. 

Then kinda said bye to everyone cuz we decided to leave and David was walking with us since Leo parked elsewhere and we went downstairs and stuff and man so hot. Then went to the car and drove back to amandas. ahhh fun talk haha. good stuff and good seeing epopel today!:)

DISNEYLAND YAY. Well went to lunch in the afternoon with the ‘rents and home depot for a few minutes and then went home to chill a bit. Figuring out disneyland with kai adn jon. WOW. fucking found out that Jon is already there with his sister and Daryl and Kai wasn’t even sure if he could go. gawd dammit guys-_- and then tina was telling me she might not go cuz she only wants to go for photos and shitz. OK TINA. wow. but yeah….i hate when my friends do this ugh. ANd then so Kai said he couldn’t go anymore and yeah…well i could go tuesday and wednesday but then i dont want to only spend 4 hours there…and today its opened till like midnight so i can spend a lot of time there…hmmmz. ok well ended up having my dad drop me off cuz thats stupid for me to drive and then have to pay like $20 for parking T_T NOOO. 

So changed super quick and packed stuff away and then got in the car wheee. Got dropped off at downtown disney and got there like at 4:30ish yay pretty good and went in and stuff and was texting Tina when she would come and stuff so went in the park and went to bathroom cuz needed to go and called Jon asking where they were and they said in front of flowers by the entrance and i was liek “you know im inside right?” HAHAHA so they came back in adn Jon’s sister ended up getting starbucks and goign elsewhere. Turns out she went to california adventure by herself haha. Jon gave me a fastpass for space mountain which is in a few minutes so not bad! Said hi to Daryl cuz i haven’t seen him in forever :O  And the second thing he asks is “SO LINDSAY I SEE YOU’RE HAVING FUN IN COLLEGE. HAVE YOU HOOKED UP WITH ANYONE YET?” oh my i swear him and jon always like to ask this whyyyys. and liek Jon was liek “nada. none’ so daryl asked if i liekd girls. guise plz LOL. too inoocent bought this shit ahha. So the 3 of us went to go ride space mountain frist but we went on star tours since it was on the way. and yay. funnn. Then we went on space mountain, the halloween version AYEEE. HELLA DARK AND SUPER FUN OMFG I LOVE THIS. lowkey the ghost parts are slightly scary tho haha…oh nos. Then went on the buzz light year ride and played the shottign game. Rode solo this time wheee. BUT DAMMIT IM SO BAD AT THIS LOL shooting everywhere. And Steven posted in group chat him and Ryan in chantels room raiding it. best fucking photos ever omfg hahahah too good these people. i laughed so hard and chantel was still at work so obvi she didn’t know yet, 

Then we went towards haunted mansion to get fast passes cuz we weren’t sure if the line was gonna be long or not since it is halloween now and they changed it for the season and we went to Pirates of the carribean nice ride because theres AC in here yay. So that was good for us. Kirsten waited for us at the exit haha then we went to get some clam chowder since most of them were hungry and i kept getting a bunch of facbeook messages and shit cuz of groups haha and steven and them were updating me and shit and then Steven was like “WE’RE GONNA KIDNAP YOU” LOL fucking they would. so got clam chowder with kirsten cuz Jon and Daryl were eating it and she got hungry and Jon gave me some of his bread since he finished the soup and was getting full so i was eating some of the bread OM NOM NOM so good man haha. Then we got in line for Haunted mansion awh i love how cute its decorated and started taking selfies. but first we went to look at all the graves there haha that shits funny. i never realized those tombstones are actually puns lulz. 

So took pretty gay ass selfeis MWHAHA. and its not that different. its just the nightmare before christmas stuff and more halloween-ish decorations than christmassy. why not haha. Then went to get fast-passes for Indiana Jones, 40 mintue wait. longest wait ive seen all of today. so not too bad i guess. Went in line for Dole Whip as well cuxz ive really been craqving it and its night time now and wtf why the hell is it so humid. And then tommy was texting me about porter robinson ahha oh this boy. he was like “im doing bad things teehee” THIS FUCKER MAN. Got in line for thunder mountain and OH MY GOD DOLE WHIP U SO GOODS. Tasted amazing, but different from the one i had back in feburary i liked that more haha.  and when we were put in lines to get on the ride and daryl was liek ‘LINDSAY KAITLINS BEATING YOU SHES DONE MORE STUFF THAN YOU” wtf daryl ahhaha. and i texted kaitlin that and we were laughing so hard. But thunder mountain was fun. too bad they got rid of the big drop at the end awh its ok ahah. Apparently Daryl and I made the same sounds at the end. we were like “WOOO….oh i mean awh” hahah. then after went to madder horn YAYYYY I LIKEY. went ont he bumpy side haha and daryl was happy its individual seats cuz all i told him was that they changed the seats so its better. and he was like yay but at the same time didn’t believe me. 

But daryl sat in the fron and me and then jon and then kirsten in the second set by herself LULZ. SO BUMPY BUT LOVING THE WIND. THE WIND FEELS AMAZING WHEEEE. And then we didn’t really know what else to go on and we coudln’t get ice cream at main street since everything’s blocked off for the fireworks but went on teacups. chose the second fatest going one. PINK. and we all got in the same one haha oopsies and Kirsten was liek wtf i thought we were taking 2. Guess not. The preceeded to spinthe shit outta the ride. it was great. felt amazin. is this what drugs feels like…..HAHHA. Then decided to go back to the space mountain ride but we went to play arcade games first the ac felt great and we could hear the fireworks goign off and we ended up watchign it because we went to space mountain adn they said it broke down a bit so we couldn’t get in line yet and theres a lot of us just waiting there haha. But finished the firework show which is still amazing by the way and went on space mountain which was good. didn’t have to wait too long and htis time we sat in the front. DARYL AND I HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN. SO AMAZING. Even better than when i rode it earlier. Lst ride of the night since Kirsten has got school tomorrow. Then went to main street and got ice cream. Got 2 scoops since it was more worth it in a cone. MMM I LIKEY. and then we took a few pictures with the ice cream and then took like 15-20 minutes eating it LULZ. they give big scoops so totally worrth it. 

Then after took photos on main street :) I love taking photos here haha the lights are really pretty i like that. We got photobombed by a disney worker haha. so funny. And took embarassing photos for like 15-20 mintues and Jon was like “we should go. we’re super embarassing now” LOLOL. so we did that. and they asked a ballon person if they could take photos with the balloons. Jon asked how much it was and they said $8 and daryl just goes “oh shit.” HAHAHAH fuckign daryl. Then went out and got on the ramp and went to find jon’s car. jon forgot where he parked so did daryl haha so whoops. But yeah. went back home good day. despite the rough ness in the beginning-_- fucking friends lulz. But yeah got home at 11:30ish perfects. 

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture F/W 2014 | Harper’s Bazaar Vogue US September 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAITLIN…ALL THE WAY IN NEBRASKA LOL. beach today !!! woo excitement ayeee. Kim ended up callign me saying kenny was gonna drive, and i asked kenny, he asked me to drive and im like uh sure…well time to go on the freeway during daytime omg. slightly scary but gotta learn man. So got ready and stuff and put stuff away in the backpack adn then did my hair real quicksies, and then drove to Kenny’s house. LALALAL BEACH. they live in a pretty nice area, tho i passed it and got confused oops haha. 

kenny,s hanging out with chantel in her room hcecking it out, kims house, driving on freeway, not too bad, kenny kinda sleeping, beach, CDM, find a large group of asiana, put stuff down, water, kevin picking people up and throwing them in the water, tellin gme and JPN to get andrews snapback so he can pick him up, he did it so funny, phat chilling with us back to sand area, chilling, strumming randomly of chris’s guitaer, first icebreaker, get id, with alan and them alan telling me to switch with him, really funny game, reutrn, me and Nhan had our items quickly so we just stood there watchign everyone LOL, more icebreakers, everyone getting food, water again with people, more eopel showing up, chililng and talking to people, taking citrus lotuses photos, water area, successfully throwing Andrew into the ocean again MWHAHHA, rocks area with some of citrus lotuses, taking cave/selfies, back to area, talking to melissa and justin, throwing football, failing, kevin and hieu somewhat joining us, nancy joinigng us too, taking a break, kim filming the ticket scene with me real quick, viet keeps blocking the sun lol, called us cute randomly haha ok, phat telling us we look werid filming LMFAO,  music area, kathy playing, made our own music circle, even tho there was one, singing rather be, other songs, ice breakaers, watermelon, patrick switchign with me cuz im too short, funny pics, kevin telling me hes gonna slap alan and sampson’s ass, we laughed too hard, eat watermelons, ice breakers, hug buddies, singing one, taking a break, talking to brian, everyone done, chillign iwth lilian and them a little, talking ot more peopel. getting ready to leave saying bye to everyone, giving hugs, hunting down peopel to say bye too, leaving, kinda scary driving home but got this, texting tommy, didn’t eat much, tommy told me he could’ve ate with me, facebook uploading ufnny shits, everyone on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE!!! One direction concert tonight holy shit im ready…i think. fuck idk what to wear-_- woke up at liek almost 10 and washed my hair and shit adn then called jane back so we could figure out what was happening and stuff and she said since her mom works in pasadena, yesterday she wnet to lunch around 1 and it was already super packed so like…yeah leaving at 1!!! gotta change at 12. ate lunch first before that ahaha. and most likely gonna go to kickback to night cuz why not hehee. need to see eden sandy and them:)

So got to janes house at 1:05 and we booked it to el monte for the train station and Jane said we were suppose to grab a quick lunch with her mom since its her birthday but like her mom had to go back to work so we were ok with it and plus we both ate hahah so put money on the metro cards and got on the train. only 3 stops which was nice and then we walked to where the shuttles were gonna be and had to stop at a senior citizen place and ask ahha and we saw cute little shops awh. but it was getting hot holy shit balls. And i got our shuttle tickets since it was $10 and we had to make sure we could take it there and back. cuz aint no fucking way im walking 30 minutes to the rose bowl its hella hot man. So waited like 20 mintues and we got on the shuttle and went to the rose bowl. So random haha first time here and jane told me its in like a neighborhood. shes right. wtf man haha.

Then we walked and went to the  area for KIIS FM festival. at least they ahve food standsa dns tuff but dude this is so fucking expensive can’t deal man. But got shaved ice for me and Jane and eh…..i put a little too much syrup oops so that didn’t work out as well dammit man. But whatevr its too fuckin hotso i need ice. And Beatrice MIller was performing so we were listening to her songs and stuffs and walking around and then we ended up going to sit down on a sidewalk while chilling eating the ice and whatnot. Then we walked around a little waiting for Jessi and Eva to come and then jane adn i sat in the shade by a rose area and we got ice cream LOL CUZ ITS STILL HOT. and then Jessi and Eva finally came which was good cuz Jane and I got in some line for 10 minutes since everyone sstarted to line up to get into the venue. 

Waited like an hour and finally got in wheeee. headed straight for the bathroom cuz no way ima go pee in porta potties….So thank god i went to a bathroom near our area because the one by the entrance had a bigass line….so fuck that. Then went to go find out seats first but was sweating cuz its so fucking damn hot and we had someone take a few photos for us and then we went down adn jane got some ice cream and water and yeah i just kept drinking mine and we chilled there until done with the dip’n’dots and went back to our seats and waited….a while. but they started plyaing music videos so that was fun ahhaa something to watch. AND THEN JAMIE SCOTT CAME ON MAN HE’S GOOD :O then they took a break and Jane and i were just sitting and finally at 7:20 5SOS CAME ON YAAAAYYYYY THEY PLAYED A GOOD AMOUNT OF SONGS TOO FUN LIKE HOLY SHIZ YAS 5SOS. They stopped at 8:10 and Jane said 1D was probably gonna get on at 9 since Rose Bowl area apparently you have to stop at 10 since its residential area…yeah we ended up watiting till like 9:15ish or earlier whatever, WHATEVER AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON. OK. OH MAN. ITS BEEN A YEAR. BOYS. OH MY GOD. THE FEELS. THE SONGS. OH MY GOD. Niall started strumming on the guitar at one point and Liam was like ‘Niall! Don’t give it away just yet!” DAMMIT NIALL U BE TEASING US CMON NOW. lol. then they played more songs and more singing along, man i don’t listen as much as i should but subconsciously i know majoirty of the lyrics. wheeee. too good. but yeah we ended at like 10:40 and THE FIREWORK SHOW ALONG WITH THIS SUCH AMAZEMENT. OH MY GASHHH BOYS YOU WERE SOO GOOD TONGIHT YAS THANK YOU! 

then booked it outta the place to get to the shuttle line, and WTF SO MANY FUCKING PEOPLE UGH. But found Jessi and Eva quickly and we booked it to get to the line and stuff and like ended up having to wait like 15 minutes but finally go on the bus and there was still a super long line behind us but at least they had a bunch of busses and stuff which worked out perfectly cuz we jsut stood on the bus cuz aint waiting to sit like fuck that. So we walked to the metro after we got off and wiated for that, 3 stops after booked it to the car and went Jane dropped me off at her house so I could get my car and was delibritely charging my hone and drove to Jon’s and good thing when I got to Jon’s my phone became alive again, and told Jon I was outside and was texting Sandy and Eden I was on the way and Kingston ended up messaging me asking when I was coming cuz apparently majority of them were drunk and everyone was asking where i was haha. So drove freeway and Jon navigated, and we were talking and shit and got to the house, man so mnay drunk asses hahaha. Said Hi to hammy and he asked if i remembered his name, of course i do dude! haha,  jacob gave me a hug and so did Kingston and then saw Eden and he was like “OMG YOU’RE HERE” and then he be super drunk man. pretty hilarious, and said hi to adam and saw John qiu and shit and ok not talking to that bitch he totally ignored me ok whateves asshole. But yeah. was talking to people adn stuff and sandy came back and we were taking photos and took random selfies with her and Nick lol adn was walking around just talking and shit. Only staying like an hour and then Jon adn jacob went to go get gatorade so i was talking to nick and sandy a dn one of the dudes sleeping on the couch ended up getting up and threw up by the stairs…ewww. so fucking gross. so close to me too like nasty man. and then one of Eden’s friends nick who was sober was cleaning adn so was Kingswell and kingston oh my ahha. and then Eden came back down from a tiny nap upstairs and was liek “I NEED TO POOP” hahahha so he went wow and then he kept popping his head outside asking us questions and we were all yelling at him. and then Jon and jacob came back adn we chilled several more minutes then said bye to everyone lalalal. so random ahhaha but ok pretty damn crazy day. got da beach tomorrow toooo shit mannn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL! Texted him that haha and was reading through facebook comments on the picture of Alan and Kenny I posted pretty funnay. lulz. and Nhan had posted on kennys wall nice to meet him, and kenny replied, and then Nhan added me in the comment saying “That white sauce…..girl kenny and i coudln’t handle that” OH GOD HAHA. Never letting me live that down XD too funnny. I laugh really hard on the inside when I think about it omg hahaha but yeah….was watching a few episode s of bob’s burgers and what not and then changed and shit wore kinda whatever then drove to school since Kenny was picking Patrick up so thats easier than driving to Kennys house haha and Bryant was meeting at Kenny’s house.

So like was chilling at VDC a bit and stuff adn said hi to everyone and ended up waiting like 20-30 minutes for kenny and he came to get us. Suprised Yssy and Joe were there too yayy ahha haven’t seen them in a while. So went in the car and Serena is coming with us yayy! full car. And we headed to CSULB some traffic but we got there at 5 at least haha. And then we parked in lot 16 and went to the USU and looked for the place. Met up with people from CSUN. wow saw one of the guys i met yesterday turns out him and his friend switched nametagsa nd it was too hard to hear so i only memorized the name tag LOL. So i thought it was Tony, it was actually Zach. OK I KNOW NOW LOL so walked around and we met up with Chris alanis also. Foudn the room wasn’t that hard since there was a line to get in. Got nametags and stuff and went in and found UCR people. so we were chilling with Lilian Yvon adn Kevin. Found Kathy and Andrew and we took a quick pic since Kathy had to go back to school and drop peopel off for class. awh boo( me and Andrew were liek “WHAT Y SO QUICK” and then kevin (USC KEVIN)came after kathy did LOL. so close man so close. and they had us go to the front of the room, maojirty of us externals didn’t want to sit lol so we were standing on the side. yeahhh. 

Then they had us go to the back to do an icebreaker, and we were counted off in 1’s and 2’s and yvon and i were 1’s and we had to step inside. Basicaly it was like yesterdays speed dating ice breaker thing LOL. and like yvon had lilian so i had Kevin, and kevin made the come closer move LOL and we’re like lets switch name tags for funsies LOLOL. cuz some of us we re doing it so we did it LOL. and we did speed dating shit. Kevin and I talked about random shit and he was liek “HOW DID WE MEET” so we thought about that, then I had lilian after and then they moved us over several people and shit. Hugo came so we talked to him a little, then we moved up to the front again and kevin and I chilled in a little corner space lol and Eileen and Johnny came and we watched their first gen video and it was funny ahha not too bad. and stuff. They introduced what the y do and what not and kevin and i were having sutpid litle side comments lol typical us and then we went to do another ice breaker..ehhh. didn’t like this ice breaker it was really confusing and they didn’t really explain it well so it was really confusing. had no ida what was happening. Yeah. then after took group photo and we all started leaving. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings like 10 mintues away and everyone somehow got there…probably cuz we parked far and had to walk to our cars. dammit man LULZ. but yeah so many of us so we had to get split up and sutff. Kim adn jayson alan and Nhan came back form SDSU so sweeet. So we ended up getting a table and they had 8 and we just added a extra seat lol so Nhan and Alan could sit with us. basically all cpp and them 2 teehee. 


k….its kinda fucking hot today omfg. why. what is this. Didn’t do much at first just typing more stuff and figuring shit out. Gotta call them freshman later on oh jeez hahah. was snapchatting sequoia stupid shit most the day and talking to kenny and stuff. And then Anthony asked me at 3 if he could come at 5 and i just lied and said im out till 5:15 LOL so he was like ima go shop! in reality i was getting ready since it was almost 4 os yeah i should start getting ready adn shit. def good idea cuz i kept changing clothes and shit LULZ. silly me. But yeah anthony came at 5:40 and then we ended up sitting in the car for 40 minutes waiting for freakin Kenny. DAMMIT KENNY-_-. But yeah. we told kenny he has to buy us food LOLOL. 

So headed to CSUN and we started calling people adn stuff and kenny helped anthony call like 2-3 people but they all went to voicemail and those 2 started talking more, so i eneded up just claling everyone i had to call…yeah only liek 2-3 people picked up everyone elses was voicemail thats fine haha. easier for me! at least the people who picked up were maybes. Freakinn the last one asked if i spoke spanish…like what….but yeah. got to CSUN and then we went to a ralphs so anthony could go pee cuz he really needed to go and kennyand I ended up going and anthonya dni went first and i came out and kenny and anthony were liek “Dude…u peed so quick.” and anthony was like “YOU PEED QUICKER THAN I DID WTF” hahahahh. TOO FUNNY. Then got to CSUN and parked across the street, looks pretty nice the campus, and we went to where the meeting was being held. Walked in on them doing those circle meet each other things lol. had to get name tags first. wheeeee. 

So i met 2 people and then they ahd evryone sit and they did the meeting a bit.  said hi to more people. Viet gave me a hug turned chokehold and was like “do you smell the choloform yet” WTF HAHAHAHA. Gave John a hug too but he just waited till i gave it to him while he stood there WOW OK JOHN I SEE U LOL. and he was liek “JK COME BACK” haha.  So sat down and looked at their screen, dang you have to pay to cuz u get benefits i see…. then we did another ice breaker called the bee sting which was pretty funny and saw mroe people, like alan gave me a hug instead of the handshake haha. at least im not dead! And then Anthony and I ended up staying together not really giving handshakes so we wouldn’t die and they were doing if people could catch who were the bees. Everyone kept thinking Kevin was a bee LOL. TURNS OUT IT WAS FUCKING VIET LOL KEVIN WAS THE COVER. Anthony and I laughed so hard. Then we sat down again and this time i stood with some of the guys since i didn’t want to sit (well all the seats in the back were taken…)Then they divided us into 5 groups to play we’re number 1. we were second gorup to loose haha. so viet kevin nine-a anthony v (uci) just sat on the countertop ahha. pretty hilarious watching the last 2 groups. they went out so hard. Alan was so into it omg HAHHAHA. too good. 

After they finished up the meeting and saw Brian. yay great grand :D Took a group photo inside first, then UCR took one so kenny was like “CPP PIC” and i sorority squatted a little and Theo comes out of nowhere and makes dramatic gestures with his arms and he actually ended up whacking my in the upper boob and shoulder and hes like “DID I HIT SOMETHING” and Nine-a and some of the UCR people had the suprised face and they were liek “THEO YOU JUST WHACKED HER” HAHAHAHHAHAHHA. FuCKING THEO MAN. So took a normal pic and wen out the room and then after we went out and Kim came YAYYY. Viet told kim i was weird…whatever boy. pshh. Then we went to boba me again and it was on the second floor since that was the after event…….so many fucking people. so said bye to some people. Said bye to John since I ssaw him again and he just brought up the stolen flag and im like u need a new memonry of me besides that lol. too bad he isn’t going to beach day awh(. its ok! next time.  Went with UCR/CPP/UCI we all went to a diff boba place LOL it was like a street away so not too bad. got there and we r pretty fucking loud omg. kevin and viet had punch cards for the place so we were all just using that LOLOL we would. got our drinks and stuff and while we were in line kim was taking selfies but she face the other way so me and Nhan were like “OK WE SEE HOW IT IS CUTTING US OUT” so anthnoy from uci took one facing us and everyone else behind us YAYYY. ahhaha chilled there till we all got our drinks then went to wingstop and Alan was determined to get atomic wings u cray cray alan. omg. So we went to wingstop adn Kevin went with us and we were all following each other, we heard a loud bump from someones car. their car was too low so it scraped :O well shit lol. So got to wingstop and got food, Was debating if i wanted anything cuz i walked in and i was getting full from my drink but like after i saw people with food and took 2 of Kenny’s fries im like eff it getting fries. Shared with Yvon and Kim since we weren’t THAT hungry. yeha. we were all seperated and I sat with kim kenny alan and nhan and then everyone else sat a bit behind us and Alan’s atomic wings came out and everyone came to our table to dip fries in the atomic wings sauce oh god hahahah. 

Kim and Theo (him and philip ended up coming) were taking a video of it pretty fucking hilarious haha and i took a photo of them 2 tying paper towels around their foreheads. they were ready LOL. ALAN STARTED SWEATING SO MUCH OMG HAHAHHA. and then we were talkign about beach day saturday while waiting for everyone elses food and i told viet i was gonna push him in and hes liek “i guess” ITS HAPPENING DUDE. lol Then he asked if I was going to Long Beaches after party and im like yes and hes liek ALRIGHT and then we agreed to take shots. OK WHY NOTS.  Then i got my fries and gave some to Yvon and kim took soem to since she was feeling sleepy not good. But the food woke her up. And like I dipped in Kennys blue cheese, and it fucking driped so I cuper my hang over my mouth from preventing it to drip further and had kim get me some napkin since we ahd a bunch on the table and liek i guess cuz the blue cheese dip is white, and it was dripping, fucking nhan saw and started dying and then alan and kenny saw and kenny said something inapropriate about it and our whole table was laughing really hard and we couldn’t stop and viet and them were asking what happened and nhan told them and oh god. oh my hahahha. and hes liek “girl. I can’t right now. I can’t” LOLOL FUCKING YOU GUYS. And then tlaked about other stuff and it was a bit past 11 and most of us were done. Viet came to our table and since he was standing over me again i tried feeding him a fry and he said he was too full but i should go feed Kevin. and then i go to where Lillian adn them are sitting, Kevin is still eating fries LOL. FUCKING KEVIN. So then we all went outisde and said bye to each other, we’re all seeing one another tomorrow tho so ayeeee. perfect ahha. party together.  So got in the car and pretty clear freeway up until like pasadena/glendale area not bad. Had a good tlak iwth kenny and Anhtony in the car i liekd that haha bonding yayyys.